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BroADEn my horizons

Because of studying English can help me to broaden my horizon,expand my knowledge as well as open my mind .因为学好英语可以帮助我开阔视野,扩充知识,增长见识。

两个区别不大,broaden 感觉会好点,我见的大都用它。 应该是broaden my horizon broaden their horizons

broaden扩大(视野),变宽(道路) widen拓宽(道路,范围),拉大(差距) 这两几乎没差别 expand 扩展,扩大(是个个方向的) extend延伸(是水平范围的)

问题:surfing the internet can broaden my horizons 翻译答案:上网可以开阔我的眼界

As the saying goes, “no matter how much one has experienced, he cannot enrich his knowledge without reading books.” When we started school in childhood, we were told that the significant value of reading for our lives. In the f...

they not only broaden my horizons but also give me inspiration 意思是:他们不仅开阔了我的眼界还给了我灵感。





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