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Count Down thrEE DAy中文什么意思?

原文不准确,应该是 three-day count down 最后三天倒计时



1, 2, 3 Not only you and me Got one eighty degrees And I'm caught in between Countin' 1, 2, 3 Peter, Paul & Mary Gettin' down with 3P Everybody loves fuckin' Countin' Babe, pick a night To come out and play If it's alright What...

You got four seconds girl I hope you can get ready Cause three of course I'm gonna kiss you on your neck Cause two tell me when you're felling getting ready One you already konw what It's something out the ordinary Waking by th...

Commencing countdown, engines on Six,Five Four...and may God's love be with you Three,Two,One...魏晨V SPACE的歌词 70 space是什么意思 52 大家...

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